New Jewelry Additions

This Portfolio page is a constantly updated gallery of the newest additions to the Echo Moon Jewelry catalog. To view more information about a particular piece, click on “More Info” in the description. This will open in a new tab or window.

New Jewelry Addtitions

[img src=]310Magdelene Necklace
Sterling Silver filigree & hand made lattice necklace with Blue Sapphire. $465.
More Info[img src=]160Bast Necklace
Sterling Silver asymmetrical filigree necklace with Morganite & Cat's Eye Sillimanite. $345.
More Info[img src=]140Noire Necklace
Phosphor Bronze filigree necklace with Black Moonstone nuggets & Rainbow Moonstone accents. $425.
More Info[img src=]140Brizo Necklace
Red Brass filigree necklace with Amethyst & Apatite. $210.
More Info[img src=]300Zora Necklace
Phosphor Bronze asymmetrical necklace with hand made Yellow Zircon lattice and a wrapped Yellow Zircon pendant. $305.
More Info[img src=]180Aeron Necklace
Sterling Silver filigree necklace with Mexican Fire Opal. $395.
More Info[img src=]110Viridis Earrings
Phosphor Bronze filigree/woven earrings with hammered Chrome Diopside. $185.
More Info[img src=]100Jori Earrings
Hammered Red Brass earrings with Blue Jade. $115.
More Info[img src=]110Penelope Necklace in Emerald
Sterling Silver White Freshwater Pearl lattice necklace with Emerald accents. $365.
More Info[img src=]100Penelope Necklace in Ruby
Sterling Silver White Freshwater Pearl lattice necklace with Ruby accents. $365.
More Info[img src=]130Evina Necklace
Evina Phosphor Bronze & Red Brass zig-zag lattice necklace with Prehnite & Green Freshwater Pearl. This necklace is available in a choice of 5 gemstone colorways. $110.
More Info[img src=]100Pia Necklace
Pia Phosphor Bronze & Red Brass necklace with Red Coral, Pink Peruvian Opal and Rose Quartz. This necklace is available in a choice of 6 gemstone colorways. $110.
More Info[img src=]70Tiegan Necklace
Phosphor Bronze wrapped pendant with Green Nephrite Jade & Lemon Topaz. $305.
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